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The Essence of Using Engagement Rings

Dating someone that you truly like for a very long period of time is a wondrous feeling. It is possible for you and your partner to live together however if that’s not the case then you might be feeling lonely every time you part ways. When you start having this feeling then perhaps it is a good thing for you to consider taking your relationship into a higher level. Taking your relationship further implies living under one roof.

There are several reasons why people want to make things official, one of it is the fondness of having their own stable family. Reasons may vary but there is one thing that is in common and that is the essentiality of having an engagement ring to symbolize your lasting love with each other.

Engagement rings these days already a standard of determining those people who are ready to enter the vow of marriage but did it come into your thoughts where it originated and other relevant facts about it in the past? There were no records in the past about the practices done prior marriage.
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People during 19th century give a different meaning to engagement rings, this was often given by men to their soon to be bride as an offering for the bride’s family. This serve as an insurance for women before, in case their soon to be husband decided to postpone their marriage she will not have a bad reputation to other men.
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The meaning of having an engagement ring starts to change during the 20th century when people think of it as an item that symbolize their real intentions for the marriage. The position of where they wore the ring has something to do with the physiological aspect of human body. Before, engagement rings are simple, it could be a ring made of silver or iron but over time things change since media starts to intervene and make things more enticing.

It was also thought in the mid 90’s that engagement rings should cost more than 2 months of your monthly salary.

As of today engagement rings symbolize affection in a more classy manner. Although the cost and the look of the engagement ring is not that important still it is a factor that you must consider since this one makes the whole pre – marriage practices more enticing.

Engagement rings come in various designs, it could be filled with gemstone or made from materials like Platinum, Gold or Silver. Variation with the types of engagement rings are also present. Choosing the most appropriate ring for your bride is also essential on your part.